Crossroads Guild

Become A Member

The Crossroads Theatre Guild is the community outreach and volunteer support group for the Company. Dedicated to providing exposure and introducing new audiences to the Crossroads experience, Guild members devote their skills, time and energies to opening new opportunities for members of the community to get involved in the many activities of the Crossroads Theatre Company.

As a volunteer member of the Guild, you can:

  • Attend Opening Night festivities, gala benefits, subscriptions parties, fundraising events, and host the theatre concession.
  • Serve as “good-will ambassadors” of the Theatre to companies, families, and civic organizations through out the state.
  • Establish long lasting friendships with the actors, staff, and Board members of the Company.
  • Donate your valuable time and energies to worthwhile Company projects.
  • Enjoy exclusive Guild premiums, discounts and other benefits.
  • If you are interested in the world of theatre, or if you are looking to donate some time, energy or skills to projects where you really see the results of your efforts, then call: